leaf air overview


Please charge your Rush X214 for 1 hours before turning on for enhanced battery life.

Turning ON: Press and hold the Play/ Pause Button until the blue LED flashes.

Turning OFF: Press and hold the Play/ Pause Button until the red LED flashes.


If you turn ON the device for the first time, it will go into pairing mode automatically.

Now go to the bluetooth settings of your mobile and scan for available devices and select “Leaf Rush X214”.

After successful pairing, LED of Rush X214 will stop flashing.


For first time use it is recommended to fully charge the battery

insert the charging cable into the type C port of Leaf Rush X214

it will take around 1 hours to fully charge the battery.

ATTENTION : Do not use power banks to charge Leaf Move.


Leaf Rush X214 comes with loaded functionalities which you can use to control music, calls and much more.

leaf move controls