Leaf collar overview


Turning ON: Press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds until blue LED flashes, that is pairing mode.

Turning OFF: Press and hold the Power Button for about 4 seconds until red LED flashes.


  1. Keep your Leaf Collar within 1 meter when pairing.
  2. Make Leaf Collar enters pairing mode as shown:

— Ensure Leaf Collar is off. Press and hold the Power Button for approximately 2 seconds until Blue LED flashes rapidly.

  1. On your mobile phone, please scan/search for available Bluetooth devices. Select  “Leaf Collar” from the list of devices shown.
  2. If prompted, enter password or PIN No: “0000”
  3. If prompted by your mobile phone to connect, select “Yes” (This will vary among mobile phone models).
  4. After successfully connecting, blue LED of headset will stop flashing and you will hear prompt tone “Connected”.


Leaf Collar comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, prior to using it, It is recommended to charge the battery fully for the first time.

1. Plug in the micro USB in the charging port.

— Red Light ON : Charging

— Blue Light ON : Fully Charged

2. It will take about 2 hours to fully charge.

ATTENTION : Do not charge products with Turbo charger, chargers with current output > 1.2 A


Leaf Collar comes with loaded functionalities which you can use to control music, calls and much more.

leaf collar controls


leaf collar technical specifications