To power ON, As open the Case ,they will automatically get powered ON.

To power OFF, Long touch the Multifunction Button for about 5 seconds to turn OFF the earbuds.
NOTE : If TWS don't get powered on automatically, Tap Multifunction Button for 5 sec. on both the earbuds.

1. As open the Case ,they will automatically get powered ON
2. Now wait 2 seconds for earbuds to go in pairing mode. Blue LED will start blinking on both side earbuds.
3. Now, go to bluetooth settings of your phone and select Leaf Buds X614 from the list of bluetooth devices.
4. After successful connection you will hear a prompt tone “ Leaf Connected ”.
5. Now play any music from your phone and you will hear the music in both the earbuds.


Q.1 Both the earbuds are not connecting to each other or only 1 earbud is working at a time. What should I do?
A.1 Put both earbuds back in the charging case and wait for 2 minutes. Now take them out and wait for 1 minute, they will get connected to each other and LED will be blink on only one earbud.

Q.2 I am able to see 2 Leaf Buds X614 in the list of available devices in bluetooth settings, but only 1 is able to connect. What should I do?
A.2 Check if LED is blinking on both earbuds while taking out. If it is blinking on only one earbud, it means they are connected to each other.

Q.3 I am facing sound imbalance issues. What do I do?
A.3 ..For sound imbalance, try the reset procedure mentioned.

Q.4 Do my Leaf Buds X614 support Dual/Stereo calling?
A.4 Leaf Buds X614 have Bluetooth v5.3 and thus supports Stereo calling.

Q.5 Are my Leaf Buds X614 water resistant?
A.5 Leaf Buds X121 come with IPX4 rating which makes it sweat resistant.

NOTE : Do not use power bank for charging Leaf Buds X614

Leaf Buds X614 come with a built-in rechargeable battery, prior to usage, it is recommended to charge the battery fully for the first time.
1. Open the case and make sure it is charged.
2. Place the earbuds in charging case and the earbuds led will glow which indicates that earbuds are getting charged.
3. When earbuds are 100% charged, LED will TURN OFF automatically
4. It will take about 1hr to fully charge the earbuds.


1.Plug in the c-type cable in the charging port to charge the case.
2. When charging the case.
3.When charging the case it will show charging status in the display.

ATTENTION : Do not charge products with Turbo charger, only charger with 5V, 1A output chargers.