leaf buds overview and functions



Turning on : Take earbuds out of the case, press and hold the multifunction button on both the earbuds until Blue and Red LED starts flashing.

Turning off : Press and hold the Multifunction Button for about 4 seconds until Red LED flashes.


  1. Take out both the earbuds from the charging case and Turn ON both of them together.
  2. Wait for the earbuds to connect with each other.
  3. On successful connection the right earbud LED will start blinking BLUE & RED, which shows that earbuds are connected with each other, but not yet connected to your device.
  4. Now, go to bluetooth settings of your phone and select Leaf Buds from the list of available bluetooth devices.
  5. After successful connection you will hear a prompt tone “Leaf Connected”.
  6. Now play any music from your phone and you will hear the music in both the earbuds.


Q.1 Both the earbuds are not connecting. What should I do?

A.1 To connect both the earbuds double tap the multifunction button on one of the earbuds.

Q.2 Only 1 earbud is working after connecting/Sound is not balanced/Music breaks in one earbud. What do I do ?                                  

A.2  Firstly you need to remove leaf buds from the list of devices in your phone’s bluetooth settings then charge the earbuds fully and then follow the steps 2 and 3.

Q.3 Are my leaf buds water resistant?

A.3 Leaf Buds comes with IPX4 rating which makes it sweat resistant. This makes it ideal for workouts.

Q.4 What is the operating distance of leaf buds?

A.4  Leaf Buds have an operating distance of more than 10 metres.


Leaf Buds come with a built-in rechargeable battery. Prior to its usage, it is recommended to charge the battery fully for the first time.

  1. Press the button on the charging case and then place the earbuds inside the case to charge them.

    leaf buds true wireless charging case

  2. When the earbuds are charging the LED’s on both the earbuds will glow Red.
  3. Long Press charging case button to Stop charging the earbuds.
  4. Earbuds will take about 1 hour to fully charge

NOTE : You can charge you earphones 8 times with a fully charged case i.e. 24 Hours of non-stop music.


leaf buds true wireless charging case
  1. Pull out the USB cable using the flap on the charging case.

    leaf buds true wireless charging case

  2. Plug in the in-built micro USB in the charging port and then insert earbuds in the charging case and press the button on the case to charge it.

                                  — Red Light ON : Charging

                                  — Blue Light ON : Fully Charged 

ATTENTION : Do not charge products with Turbo charger chargers with current output > 1.2 A 


leaf buds specification


Leaf products are warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase, when used in accordance with Leaf’s user manual. Under this warranty your claim can be directed to Leaf even if you purchased the product from an authorised third party. During the warranty period, Leaf will, at its sole option, repair or replace the original, defective parts or issue a refund in the amount of the original purchase price. This warranty does not include damage resulting from accidents, or from improper use, maintenance, or repair, or from other causes that are not defects in material or craftsmanship.


Leaf Buds comes with loaded functionalities which you can use to control music, calls and much more.

leaf buds true wireless controls