leaf beast overview


To power ON, press and hold the play/pause button until the blue LED light flashes.

To power OFF, press and hold the play/pause button until the red LED light flashes.


If you turn ON the device for the first time, it will go into pairing mode automatically.

Now go to the bluetooth settings of your mobile and scan for available devices and select “Leaf Beast”.


Leaf Beast Bluetooth Pairing


 After successful pairing, blue LED of headphones will stop flashing.


NOTE : Do not use power bank for charging Leaf Beast


Leaf beast charging


For first time use it is recommended to fully charge the battery.
Insert the micro USB cable provided into the USB port of Leaf Beast.
It will take around 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery.  

Once fully charged Leaf Beast can last upto 30 hours of playback time at 60-70% volume.


NOTE : If your Leaf Beast is fully discharged you can still use it to listen to music by plugging in Aux.

Insert one end of Aux in Leaf Beast’s aux port and other end in your mobile and start listening to music worry free.


Leaf Beast comes with loaded functionalities which you can use to control music.



leaf beast playback controls


Leaf Beast also allows you to answer and end calls





leaf beast technical specifications



Q.1 Are Leaf Beast Headphones sports friendly?
A.1 Yes, Leaf Beast Headphones are sports friendly. You can use them during workout.

Q.2 Is Leaf Beast Over-Ear or On-Ear Headphones?
A.2  Leaf Beast Headphone is over-ear headphones.

Q.3 Does the mic work while using aux?
A.3  No, the mic doesn’t work while using aux.

Q.4 Leaf Beast connects to how many devices?
A.4  At a particular instance, you can connect only 1 device with Leaf Beast.

Q.5 What is the bluetooth range?
A.5  Bluetooth range is upto 10m.

Q.6 Can we use it for gaming?
A.6  Leaf Beast has bluetooth 5.0 which provides stable connection and can be used for gaming.

Q.7 Can you use the headphones even if it is discharged?
A.7  Yes you can use it with the Aux cable.