Terms and Conditions

Referral Program

1. This program is only for promotional purpose and is valid for a limited time period only

2. Once a paid purchase is made on the website, a referral link is issued to the customer, using which the customer can refer to his/her friends and family.

3. Only if a purchase is made using that link from the website, the referrer qualifies for a free reward

4. The reward can be redeemed only after 10 day return window expires for both the referrer and referee

5. One customer cannot be rewarded more than 2 times for referrals

5. The company does not entertain enquiries for custom referral rewards on call as the rewards are system generated

6. The company at any point of time holds the power to cancel the referral reward at its own discretion

7. The referral reward holds no warranty and does not qualify for return/replacement policy of the company

For any query or support, you can reach us out on support@leafstudios.in