Follow the following steps to make sure Leaf Sound app keeps working smoothly in the background - 

Step 1: Allow Auto Start
(So Leaf app can start the personalisation effect after your phone restarts)

Go to Settings > Leaf Sound App > Enable Auto Start Button



Step 2: Lock Leaf Sound App
(So you don't kill Leaf Sound app by mistake)

  • Open list of running apps. To do so, click on or . The button will either be on your screen or below the screen (next to the back button).
  • You might find right next to your app. Click on the icon and press lock.
  • If you don't find the icon, then the applock would be gesture based. Try pulling down Leaf app icon or long press on Leaf app icon.
  • Ensure that icon appears right next to your app.
  • You're all set!

Here are some examples - 




Step 3: Remove Battery Optimisation

Go to Settings > Leaf Sound App > Battery Saver > No Restrictions