FREE Entry!

Minimum Members per team = 4

Maximum Members per team = 6


1st Team - Rs 5,000
2nd Team- Rs 3,000
3rd Team- Rs 1,000

Tournament Ambassador- Rs 1,000 (This will be given to the person who gets maximum number of registrations in this tournament by inviting friends)

5 Free Leaf Headphone worth Rs.1999 each to MVP of Tournament, Player with most kills, Best IGL (In-Game Leader), Best Duo ( 1 each )

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There are three stages of Leaf CallOfDuty (Mobile) Tournament-

  • Qualifiers Stage 1
  • Qualifiers Stage 2
  • Finals




Last Date to Register: 25th Sep 2020

Qualifiers Stage 1: Sep 27th - Oct 2nd

Qualifiers Stage 2: Oct 3rd - 5th

Finals: Oct 6th - 8th



  • Age: No age barrier
  • Up to 25 Teams per lobby; in case of more than one lobby in a tournament, teams are split up to get as close as possible to 16 teams per lobby.
  • 1 match is played in each lobby on the BattleRoyal map.
  • Teams receive points based on their finish and the number of kills achieved in each match



Total Points = Position Points + Kill Points

Kill points - 1 point per kill

Position Points-

1st = 20 points

2nd = 14 points

3rd = 10 points

4th = 8 points

5th = 7 points

6th = 6 points

7th = 5 points

8th = 4 points

9th = 3 points

10th = 2 points

11th to 20th = 1 point

21st to 25th = 0 points


  • The winners from each lobby for all the qualifiers get invited for Next Stage by default.
  • Top 512 Teams will qualify from Stage 1 to Stage 2
  • Top 20 Team qualify from Stage 2 for the Finals.
  • In the case of tie breaker we will use the total number of kills as the tiebreaker.

NOTE: If any single member of a team is found guilty of using hacks in the Leaf CallOfDuty (Mobile) Tournament will straight away get banned and kicked out of the tournament.