1. Is the product compatible with my phone?
Leaf wireless bluetooth earphones are compatible with iPhone, Android devices, and all the other devices with bluetooth capability like iPad, Tablets, Laptops etc.

2. How much will it take to ship the product?
We offer 7-10 days of shipping time. The serviceability might vary in remote areas which are not easily reachable by courier companies.

3. How to Order?
Go to our website www.leafstudios.in and click on "buy" button on the top, then add to cart and checkout by putting your shipping details and placing an order

4. Whats the refund/return policy?
We accept returns and replacements till 10 days after the day it reaches you

5. What's the product quality guarantee?
We offer 1 year replacement/repair warranty against all manufacturing defects

6. What is the material used in the product?
Leaf products are made up high grade matte finish plastic molded to perfection for a great look and extreme comfort at the same time. Earbuds are sweat proof and are made up of food grade quality of silicon.

7. How to carry the earphones?
Leaf Ear comes with a durable and lightweight pouch which you can use to keep your earphones, you check that out here - Leaf Ear Carry Case

8. Do you provide extra earbuds with the earphones?
Yes we do. You get 3 pairs of earbuds of different sizes. Try and use the one that fits best in your ears. You can know more here.

9. What is Leaf Studios?
Leaf Studios was born out of the love for an immersive music experience. The high definition audio devices by Leaf Studios are specially designed to bring the energy, emotion, and excitement of the recording studio straight into the ears of music lovers. The audio technology is exclusively crafted for people who can listen to the music differently, for the ones who can catch the smallest of the beats, and for the ones who can really #FeelTheMusic.

We operate from New Delhi, India

10. How can I be a re-seller of the products?
Please drop us a mail about the same on support@leafstudios.in