5 Underrated Sports Movies you should #BingeWithLeaf 🎧

Sports movies are about more than just games. They're about what those games stand for: playing, losing, growing up, and losing as you grow up. Filmmakers have used fields and courts, rinks and rings, stadiums and billiards rooms to investigate the human condition.

Tears and cheers, wins and losses, hard lessons and sweet victories — sports movies cover a wide range of emotions and maybe as emotionally draining on viewers as they are physically taxing on the actors.

Let's have a look at some of the UNDERRATED SPORTS MOVIES of all time!🥎🥍🏅

1. Iqbal: Naseeruddin Shah, Shreyas Talpade, Girish Karnad, and others star in Iqbal, a 2005 Hindi sports drama. It tells the tale of a deaf and mute youngster who excels at cricket. He aspires to represent India in cricket. On the other hand, his father discourages him, urging him to choose a more solid career. Iqbal's sister is by his side. Iqbal begins his training with a former cricketer on a field. He plays for the Ranji team and proves his worth to everyone, earning a spot in the Indian team.

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2. Saala Khadoos: The story of a former boxer who retires from the sport after a run-in with the authorities over underlying politics but then coaches a fisherwoman to help him realize his ambition.


3. The Blind Side: The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized youngster who, with the support of a compassionate mother and her family, went on to become an All-American football player and a first-round NFL draught pick.

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4. Moneyball: Billy Beane, the Oakland Athletics general manager, was successful in assembling a baseball club on a tight budget by using computer-generated data to find fresh players.

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5. Toofaan: An uplifting story about an orphan child from the streets of Dongri who grows up to become a local goon in his neighborhood and how his life changes after he meets the young and compassionate Ananya, who guides him along the correct path and helps him understand his true destiny, which is boxing. Toofaan takes place in Mumbai, a real global city and a melting pot of cultures and religions.

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