5 Biography Movies you should #BingeWithLeaf 🎧

At Leaf, we believe biographical films is one effective way to communicate a tale. It's a means for us to learn about lives that are so different from our own, complete with tragedy, trauma, and tears. They're a compelling reminder that putting ourselves in someone else's shoes can occasionally teach us lessons we wouldn't have learned otherwise. 😅

They may give flesh to words and provide insight into a person's decisions, the events that defined them, and their quest of happiness, whether they are completely accurate or not.

Read on to learn about the 5 finest biopics you should #BingeWithLeaf 🎬🍿

The Wolf of Wall Street: Martin Scorsese's 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street, based on Jordan Belfort's memoirs, chronicles the unexpected ascent and tragic collapse of the Long Island-born stockbroker. The film was a financial success and got five Academy Award nominations, including nominations for the film, Scorsese, and main actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Shahid: Shahid Azmi, a human rights lawyer with an unusual commitment to justice, tells his story.

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The Social Network: As Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg develops the social networking site that would become known as Facebook, he is sued by the Zuckerberg twins, who claim he stole their idea, and by a co-founder who was eventually forced out of the company. 

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Sarbjit: Sarabjit Singh, a farmer from Bhikiwind, Punjab, near the Indo-Pak border, crossed the border after a few drinks, according to his biopic. He was, however, mistakenly identified as an Indian spy and sentenced to death. 

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Lincoln: As the American Civil War rages on, America's president grapples with the ongoing slaughter on the battlefield, as well as disagreements within his own cabinet about whether or not to free the slaves. 

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Curl up with one of these biographical flicks and meet your new favorite historical individuals if you're seeking to get lost. 😄

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