Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Leaf Pop is a tribute to all those who can #feelthemusic. This 3W speaker delivers Loud and Clear music experience and also comes with a SD card slot so you can play your saved songs

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Mobile Phone Stand

Mobile Phone Stand

With battery life of 5-6 hours and a dedicated phone stand, Leaf Pop is an ideal speaker to watch movies and other video content.

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  • Loud and Clear wireless streaming

    Our patented technology allows the Leaf pop to deliver extremely loud and clear, distortion free audio with high quality wireless streaming and longer battery life.

  • Compatible with all devices

    Leaf Pop wireless bluetooth speaker is compatible with iPhone, Android devices, and all the other devices with bluetooth capability like iPad, Tablets, Laptops etc.

  • Long Battery Life

    Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker with mic comes with a killer 5-6 Hour battery life during usage and 200 hours of standby battery

  • Handsfree Call

    No need to hold your phone while talking . Make world class conference calls with your Leaf Pop speaker. You can easily take calls with Leaf Pop with single press of main control button.

  • Back Phone Stand

    The unique back phone stand of Leaf Speaker supports any size phone for a comfortable watching experience. Get the feeling of surround sound with Leaf Pop. It easily connects with all Phones. Laptops, Desktops and Tablets.

  • Memory Card

    Leaf Pop comes with memory card slot so you can store your music and play when you like, anywhere, anytime !

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Rs. 1,299.00