Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Leaf Pop is a tribute to all those who can #feelthemusic. The speaker is made with a craving for precision and love for music, keeping in mind the smallest of the details of the Indian consumer and the market. Back phone stand, FM Radio, micro-sd card reader, aux connectivity, long battery life, hands free calling etc are sure to make a difference, even in your life.

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With a battery giving more than 6 hours of music playback and 200 hours of standby, Leaf Pop gets charged in just 1.5 hours with our patented Fast Fuel technology. Leaf pop offers really loud, clear and well distributed sound compared to other speakers of its size and value. We ensured no compromise in sound and the design so you get the best of both worlds with the ultra portable and small fit-in-palm size.

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  • Loud and Clear wireless streaming

    Our patented technology allows the Leaf pop to deliver extremely loud and clear, distortion free audio with high quality wireless streaming and longer battery life.

  • Compatible with all devices

    Leaf Pop wireless bluetooth speaker is compatible with iPhone, Android devices, and all the other devices with bluetooth capability like iPad, Tablets, Laptops etc.

  • Long Battery Life

    Leaf Pop Bluetooth Speaker with mic comes with a killer 5-6 Hour battery life during usage and 200 hours of standby battery

  • Handsfree Call

    No need to hold your phone while talking . Make world class conference calls with your Leaf Pop speaker. You can easily take calls with Leaf Pop with single press of main control button.

  • Back Phone Stand

    The unique back phone stand of Leaf Speaker supports any size phone for a comfortable watching experience. Get the feeling of sorround sound with Leaf Pop. It easily connects with all Phones. Laptops, Desktops and Tablets.

  • FM Radio+Memory Card

    Leaf Pop comes with inbuilt FM radio to keep the music playing on your favourite radio station. It also comes with memory card slot so you can store your music and play when you like, anywhere, anytime !

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8 February 2018

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