Bollywood Movies you can Re-watch this Father’s Day! 😊🎬

With Father’s Day this weekend we thought it would be fun to put together a short blog post surrounding the best movies about dads.

We have curated a list of Top 10 Bollywood Movies you can re-watch with your dad this Father’s Day! 😊🎬


Paa: Abhishek Bachchan played father to real-life dad Amitabh Bachchan in R. Balki’s Comedy Drama on a rare genetic condition called progeria, which results in early ageing. The film won senior Bachchan a National Award for Best Actor.


Piku: Piku is the story of a cute, lovable but clingy old man. His daughter tries her best to help him but he does not like to listen to her. He is adamant and clingy. Despite everything, his daughter wants to help him. It is a practical movie which depicts the modern nature of father-daughter relationship.


Baghban: Baghban is a touching narrative that has a strong emotional impact. It depicts the adoptive son and father's heart-warming relationship. The adopted son goes out of his way to assist his father, demonstrating his admiration and affection for him.


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: It's a lovely film about the love between a father and a daughter. Shah Rukh Khan is a single father who goes to extraordinary lengths to provide for his young daughter. He is concerned about even the little troubles in her life and looks after her in a really sweet way.


Taare Zameen Par: Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par is the best Bollywood movie on parenting. In this wonderfully filmed film, a traditional, hard-headed father who refuses to think from his son's perspective recognises his error far too late. The Amol Gupte-directed film is a must-see that may very well transform your life. It teaches us about dyslexia and shows us how to parent properly.


Wake up Sid: The film Wake Up Sid tells the story of a wealthy businessman who cannot accept that his son is not like him. He thinks his son is a slacker who doesn't do anything useful. The genuine chat between son and father, on the other hand, will make you cry. When his father learns of his son's passion for photography, he embraces him.


Apne: Dharmendra is a former boxer who was falsely accused of doping. He intends to retaliate by preparing his son to win the Championship. He wants his son to succeed where he failed. The son initially quits owing of a lack of resources. However, he restores his father's faith in him by retrying and winning the Championship.


Dangal: The sports drama film depicts Mahavir Phogat's life and his quest to realise his dream of turning his daughters into wrestlers who would go on to represent India at international sporting events. A dad who is clearly emotionally invested in his daughters. The film, which broke several major box-office records and was the top-grossing film in China, is more than a wrestling biopic. The film emphasises that fathers are the ones who are greatest at recognising their children's latent skills.


Kapoor and Sons: This is a drama-filled narrative about a father-son connection. When his son learns that his father is dating another lady, he is taken aback. When he learns about the affair, he approaches his father violently. He does, however, finally come to terms with it and resumes his duties. It's a mature approach to the father-son relationship.


Dear Dad: This film explores a difficult subject and how it affects a father-son relationship in which the son struggles to accept his father's different sexuality. In difficult times, even loved ones may be nasty, as the film depicts. Dear Dad also taught us that we must learn to accept people for who they are.

We hope you like our Father’s Day Movie Recommendations as much as we loved curating them for you!

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